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The Kernal Cadet
We love this tier, it's the basic package! You're a true Kernal, a Cobcast Cadet. Do you want to help out the show without spending too much money? This is the one for you! We really value your help! 

The Popcorn Professor
Love U&U and want to hear extra from Cob, Mouse and Hotcuppa? Become a Podcast Professor with this choice! It'll get you access to any bonus content we produce including behind the scenes things, extra ditties, Cob's lore and more! All while you help too support us make better content.

The Corncob Connoisseur
We really appreciate your generosity regardless of tier but this one is particularly special. You are a Boogie Barn Brave Heart, someone who has gone that extra mile for us. To say thank you, on top of bonus content, you'll get to have more input on the show itself, as well as having a shout out (if we can fit it in) over Target Radio and be listed on our Facebook page.


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